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Handmade Contemporary Furniture ~BY STUDIO JOE~
ABOUT STUDIO JOE I like to think that what distinguishes STUDIO JOE is both (a) design, and (b) my absolutely everything handmade, by one person, in house approach. My hardwoods are locally sourced. Every single board that goes into STUDIO JOE furniture is individually selected by me. I take great care, throughout the process of construction to pay close attention to the color and figure of each and every piece of wood, and how those pieces come together, to maximize strength and harmony in the final product. My stools feature mortise and tenon construction and a durable, hand-rubbed finish. When it comes to furniture, looking good is not enough. It must be comfortable. This is particularly true for pieces with which we interact as directly and intimately as is the case for chairs/stools. This is the reasoning behind things like the STUDIO JOE signature seat and dedicated footrest. Joe Griffith / Owner